Monday, August 2, 2010

Another week going good!

Hey ya´ll!

I don’t really have too much to say about this week. I wish I did! Just one thing though- I decided to go BLONDE. Crazy, huh?? I´ve been thinking about it for a while, and finally did it! My goodness was it a lot of work! My companion and I went through good times and bad times with this experience, but I think it´s almost done! I might have a picture, but I don’t think the color is right, so don’t judge, okay? It feels weird, and I don’t know what to think. After about 5 years of having dark hair, I feel weird! But with sunshine and time, maybe it´ll look good!

Changing my hair color this week turned out to be perfect timing. Everyone at church didn’t recognize me- they thought I was a new sister or something because of transfers! We even totally faked out the Bishop and his counselor saying that I was a new sister, the twin of sister Gordon. He totally believed, introduced himself and asked if this sister plays piano too! I kept it going for a minute and said ´no, just my sister´. Ha-ha! But we told them the truth right then, and they got a good laugh out of it!

The rest of this week was normal... We have enough people listening and interested, but no one follows through with things. It´s really sad- how can we help people if they don’t want to work for it? The key is faith WITH works. As it says in James 2, Faith without Works is DEAD. So, basically our investigators can´t progress at all without doing things. So remember, it´s great to have faith, but work! Look at your life and think- In what areas do I have faith but not works? So get to work!

It´s been rainy on and off this week. Rainy days are a little frustrating, not just because you´re wet all day, but because the work stops. People are normally on the street and easy to talk to, but rainy days, no one is anywhere! It’s just kind of depressing, but o well. We just think of it as a test!

The bug update- I have something every week! Unfortunately! The bugs were gone for a while because we cleaned and bug sprayed our house like madwomen. But, last night while Sis. Pozete was packing a package, she began screaming and pointed to a nasty cockroach on the floor. It was on its back just going crazy! We have no idea how it got there, but my friends, I am getting so tired of this! I hope something can be changed soon because I am not sleeping well at all! Almost every night I have a nasty, creepy bug dream and wake up not refreshed. Ugh. So please everyone, be SOOOOOOOOO Grateful that you don’t have bugs anywhere in your lives. Be grateful that your food is safe. Be grateful that your house is safe. Ooootay?
Everything else is doing alright! Keep me in your prayers! I miss ya´ll and hope you are doing well! Love ya- Tchau!

~Sister Steph

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