Monday, August 23, 2010

Does America Have Apples?

Oi everyone!
This week was a week. Nothing TOOO special happened. But I’ve been trying to think of fun things to say to keep you all entertained and still wanting to read these letters!

So we had this young man stop us in the grocery store last week saying he was really interested and had seen us always passing by. So when we visited his house, we found out that his father was a preacher. We talked a little, then set another time to come back. When we returned, his dad was there and ready to talk about the gospel. He had his other son, (a preacher/historian or something), a member of the church and this guy we already met. We talked for about an hour and a half trying to explain the gospel principles correctly and clear all the bad things they had heard about Mormons. Of course, everything we said, they had a bible scripture to go against it, but whatever. It wasn’t too tense or anything, but just straining and sad. In their opening prayer, they said `please help us find thy truth` and all this other beautiful stuff. I was thinking `We are RIGHT HERE!!!!` BY the end, I just bore my testimony and explained that if they were searching for truth, and they had faith in Jesus Christ, they should read the Book of Mormon, that ONLY testifies of Jesus and teaching his gospel. I said that because they have faith, they could pray and ask if it was true, and they could know from God that it is.

I don’t know what will happen, or if anything we said will make a difference, but I did learn one thing about myself. That I have NO DOUBT that this gospel is true. That I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true. I am NOT AFRAID of telling people, even in another language. I know that my testimony is being recorded, and I want to stand tall and tell EVERYONE that this is the right path! I think it is absolutely beautiful that people can pray to find out for themselves, and not just us. It just saddened my heart to see people so confused and set in their ways, that they don’t see the truth when it is right in front of them. But, it happened when Christ was here, and they rejected him, so Who am I to think that everyone will listen and believe me?

On the other hand- that 18 yr old Francisco I talked a little about (did I?) last week, is doing wonderful. We visited his house and started teaching his older sister. As we were teaching, he came home and had a smile on his face. He started testifying that he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this gospel is true. We had huge smiles on our face as he told her these things and shared his testimony. He had read nearly all of the Principles of the Gospel manual and was just eating it up! It was so wonderful. He will be baptized this week, and he wants to serve a mission. It’s so great!! The power of prayers being answered is an incredible thing.
(there is a creeper Brazilian teenager just staring at me right now as he sits next to me. Weird.. I’m so tired of people staring! Ha-ha. He can’t read this too- he he he!)

So, some quick culture things. I’ve been writing them down this week so I remember! Because these things have just become a way of life that i don’t remember that its different.
- The buses here are crazy. They will stop for anyone, you just need to wave your hand! O what they will do for $1. The other day it was so packed too, I felt uncomfortable, but whatever. That´s life!
-We just walk on the street here. We hardly use sidewalks, because there aren't many sidewalks! It was scary at first, but now it’s just normal. It’s just easier! But cars don’t stop for you, so we are always careful.
-There are always street vendors out walking. They either are selling food or cd´s. The cd guys are always blasting music from their little cart. I’ve just gotten used to it, and am starting to think it would be a great job! You just walk all day, which is good for your health, and listen to music as you go. Who wouldn’t want that job?

Those are just a few things. I’ve been realizing more and more how many people don’t know anything about Americans. I think some people just want to talk to us because I am American. They don’t know anything about America- which is crazy because pretty much all of their movies and stuff come from there. Someone asked me if we have apples there... my goodness. Ha ha! But i am trying to take their interest from America to the gospel, and use my fairness as a tool.
Well, I hope everyone is doing well! Please keep me updated and sending letters! I am always thinking about you. The funny thing is, when you are a missionary, you are still the same person! I still remember ya´ll and wonder how you are. So please ease my mind and write!
Have a wonderful week, and keep praying and reading your scriptures. Love you all!
-Sister Gordon




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