Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Transferred to a New Place....still in Natal.

Hello Everyone!
I wasn´t transferred! I´ll be staying in this area for 6 more weeks. Which isn’t a bad thing! My companion and I will have served almost 5 months together after this transfer! But she says she´s not getting tired of me, and I like her, so it all works out. I think the church is trying to change the feel of missions around the world. They want us to start working a lot more with members, and in order to do that we need to gain their trust, which takes time. They told us that we can count on being transferred only if we will be leaving for home (or our companion), getting called to a position (like trainer or something) and one more thing I can’t remember. So missionaries will be staying with companions in the same area for long amounts of time now. This could be good, or horrible, depending on your companion and the area. For me, it’s fine. I have work to do here, and people I love, so I´m happy!
What else is new? I am just really happy with what they are telling us to do here. They want missionaries to be kinder, loving, and down to earth, spend more time with people and listen to help them. This is exactly what I want to be doing, and hopefully already am. People too often `cut` (or stop visiting) people here if they don’t keep their commitments after one time or two. Sometimes I think that is sad- but we are working on being better!
What else happened? My mind is blank. We bought a blender today, and I am so happy! I feel like it’s Christmas! I RECIEVED LETTERS TODAY!! Finally! It´s been a month since I´ve gotten letters. Thanks to all who wrote me letters- family (all my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins!) and friends. They made me so happy! Keep them coming, and I will try to write back asap. I loved them! Seriously, letters make our world go ´round. (Who´s we? Me and a mouse in my pocket!?)
What happened this week? One cool little miracle. Lourena (our good friend that we baptized) has been having problems with her father. She is 25, living at home, and he has a little problem with her going to church, I don’t know why, well I do but it’s hard to explain. Anyway- Lately, we have been talking to him a little here and there, because he is really nice to us. The other day we were sitting in their kitchen conversing with her when her dad came home. He started telling us about stuff in his life and then sat down with us to chat some more. After talking for a while, we started talking about tithing in the church. He said he doesn’t believe that a bishop doesn’t keep some tithing money for himself in our church. I promised him that I KNOW that bishops don’t receive money, because my dad serves as a Bishop and gets nothing! Ha-ha We then were able to teach him more and he was really receptive. After we left, Sister Pozete looked at me and said `Can you believe it? I prayed so hard last night that we would have an opportunity to teach him today. And when he came in and sat down with us, I knew it was my answer`. I am so grateful for these little moments we have all the time. The Lord is watching over us and helping us find these wonderful people here. We have a lot of people to teach and are always having fun. I just love the people here! My testimony grows every day.
Another funny story, we are teaching this guy named Francisco (he´s really old) (not to be confused with the young man we just baptized). He is a drunk. He´s a referral from a family in the ward, and so we work together with that family. A few weeks ago things were going really well. He had stopped drinking, come to church and all was well. The week after, we found him drunk almost every day. He would yell `Irmas! (sisters!) Irmassss!!` Loudly as we walked away from talking to him drunk on the street. Really sad. The Elders told us to use the authority we have with him the next time we saw him. So, we did. We found him drunk in his house, babbling who knows what, and we began to tell him what would happen if he kept on drinking. We told him he was a child of God, and as Representatives of Christ, we were here to tell him to stop drinking. We were really firm with him, and very forward. It was actually kind of fun! Ha-ha I was laughing at Sis. Pozete as she said some pretty harsh, but true things.
So the next time we visited, he had stopped drinking. He says he doesn’t remember what happened, but I know that he felt something from that night. Now he is going to church and reading the Book of Mormon every day. I hope things continue to go well. Keep him in your prayers! He now just has to work on not smoking cigars every now and then, and drinking coffee several times a day. Just that! Ha ha.. goodness..
I have decided that its officially beginning. The sister “mish” (missionary) look is coming my way. Every day I wake up, look at my clothes and think `wow- what should I wear today? The same thing as yesterday, and the day before, and the day before...` Or what should I do with my hair? Hmm- It´s extremely hot outside, so let’s just say a ponytail will do. Trying to look good here on the mission is IMPOSSIBLE. When you have sweat running down your back after 3 min of walking, I´m sure you would give up looks too.
Well, I hope everyone had a great week. I hope these are fun to read! If anyone ever has questions, ask away! Please! It makes these a little easier sometimes.
Keep writing, praying and reading your scriptures. I love you all and hope you continue doing well!
-Sister Gordon
P.S. I have to admit that I was pretty proud of myself when I saw the new sister missionary that just arrived. An investigator ran into me at the bus station, and I talked with them for a while. The new American sister missionary just sat there looking at me with that face that I used to have, thinking `goodness! I want to speak Portuguese!` I have ALOT to learn still, but I was so happy.

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Alice at her french fry stand