Monday, August 9, 2010

McDonalds...A little piece of America....

Hey ya´ll!
It´s August, can you believe it? Time really is passing fast! The harder I work, the faster time goes by. I love being a missionary and trying to enjoy every day. If time goes by this fast, I need to appreciate every day- So I am!
Let´s see- what happened this week? You get to a point in an area where things aren’t new anymore, and you run out of cool things to take pictures of, or to talk about. But I love this area! I GOT TO EAT McDonalds THIS WEEK! Hahaha! Silly, I know.. And at home I really don’t enjoy it THAT much, but here?? It´s heaven! So far it´s has been the only food that tastes like American food. (Sad, I know..) Ooo my goodness, we had a hamburger and a McFlurry, because that´s all we could afford, and just savored every tiny little molecule. It was Wonderful Mcfunderful Deeelunderful!! Ooo minha nossa- I hope I will return!

We are working hard to find more men and families to teach. Like normal, people say they will do things, but actually never do them. Sad! Too bad for them, because they are missing out on an eternity of happiness! And there is nothing I can do about it! But things are going pretty well. We have a baptism marked for next Sunday. Her name is Laura, and she is 14. She has had elders teaching her forever, and even teaches people about the gospel at school. (Did I talk about her already? I don’t remember...) Anyway, another young woman was even baptized because of her. She is truly an amazing girl, with a strong testimony, and we get the privilege to finally baptize her. I think she just needed the right timing and the right people! So I hope it all goes as planned.

Hmm... What else? I feel so boring now! Of course, the usual bug occurrences happened this week. Things here are starting to feel normal, that I don’t even realize what is so different about the culture. I LOVE eating all of the fresh, juicy, sweet fruits here. They are so cheap and so wonderful. It´s great to eat healthy, and enjoy every bite. The church members usually have freshly made juice at lunch, which is wonderful. I wish I could bring some home for you guys to try!

So after church yesterday there were two American return missionaries visiting our chapel. I was able to talk to them (in English!) for a while! They were really nice and gave me some good advice. (They also gave me some American candy- awesome!) It was so nice to talk in English! I forget how fast Americans speak! Anyway, it just felt really refreshing to be an American again. I love being an Albino Brazilian for now though :)

Well, I took a lot of pictures with my companion, but my camera died as I arrived at the internet place and I can´t upload them. Next week! Although I do think I might have some old ones, from last week. They are my hideous sis. mish photos.

Enjoy! I hope they make you laugh.

Thanks to all who are sending letters and updates. I miss you all and am glad to hear that things are going well. Keep praying, keep reading your scriptures, and keep going to church. I´m so grateful to be here- I can´t describe to you how much I have changed already. The mission teaches you things you can’t learn anywhere else, and as you give your all to the Lord, he makes you amazing. This is what I try to do- just constantly think `what is the Lord´s will? Not MY will, but the Lord´s?` When you think like this, you don’t miss home, you don’t want your old life back, you are filled with love and happiness. Don´t get me wrong, the sun is shining strong here and starting to get hot, and it´s hard! I get mad everyday because it’s hot and have sweat running down my back. But, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the blessings I see in my life from following the Lord. I love this work!
Have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Seeester McSteph


need i say more?

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