Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello from the Bug Eater!!

Oi familha e amigos!

This week was great! I have so much to say because it was a longer week than normal. First- I wasn’t transferred! I am so glad too! There is still so much to do here in my area, and so many people to teach! Our investigators and members were even praying that we would stay here! Ha ha ha!
This week in short:
-Last prep day, after email, we went back home and made cookie dough. While we were eating it, sis Pozete paused and looked at it weird. We pretty soon discovered that THERE WERE BUGS IN OUR COOKIE DOUGH!! I ATE BUGS. Grossss! Ha ha, they were in our oatmeal, then in my stomach. Where haven’t these bugs been??
-We had Alice´s baptism this week. She is 72 (?) years old, and the funniest lady. It was a cold and rainy day and even colder in the AC church, and Sister Pozete told her that the water was really cold. She said `no! it will be fine!` When the priesthood holder stepped in, he said `wow! It’s really cold!!!` She got in and said `Fria? Fria nada! Essa agua é boa!!` (cold? cold nothing! This water is good!) Then after, when the bishop was congratulating her, he told her how he remembered his baptism and how he cried. In front of everyone she said `you cried??` Everyone, including the bishop started laughing! It was really funny. She is awesome!
Anyway, I am so excited to be here right now. I am truly loving the work, and time is flying by! I love my companion, and we spend the day working and laughing. She´s great!
A quick experience- This week we checked in on and investigator. She didn’t read or pray and just said `I don’t have time! I don’t even have time for me!` When I heard that I couldn’t believe it. So people, please, don’t act like this. It is so ironic! Please take time talk to your heavenly father. I will repeat: TAKE TIME TO TALK TO YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER.
He is listening and wants to hear from you! So say a little better prayer this week. Converse with the Lord. Tell him how you are doing, what you are feeling, and what you are so grateful for. Then listen- how can he talk to you if you don’t listen? Please remember this and try a little harder. You always have time for the Lord, okay??

Well, sorry I didn’t have much time to write this week. I love you all and am so grateful for your prayers. I can truly feel their influence here! Have a wonderful week!

Seester Bug Eater

District NATAL!

Me and my little lamb, just preachin the word.

Midget bananas!

A little boy Ricardo we are teaching. The first time we taught this family, he was crazy! But now he gets his little chair and sits and listens while we teach.

He wanted to pose like this for the picture. So cute.

Haven't we taught him well?

Alice and her 'batatinhas' or little french fries. Tooo bad you guys can't try these, because they are the BEST!

I just LOVE her!!
p.s. look at Sis. Pozetes feet tan lines- crazy huh?? Maybe one day for me... (haha yeah right..)

Alice's baptism!

Lucia (RC) and I- oh, and the view!

I love these designs- they're sweet!


Crazy elders....

District Macaiba

Natal and the bridge behind me. Look how green it is! B-E-A-UTIFUL!

A cute design a member did on my nails.

Zona Natal

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