Monday, July 19, 2010

Ants, Roaches...Oh MY!

MY GOODDNESS. I have to start out by sharing an experience maravilhosa this week. So, after a long day, Sis. Pozete and I arrived at home like usual. I am at the sink washing my hands, and she all of a sudden screams so loud and starts freaking out. She screams `Barata!!!` in English `Cockroach!` I, of course, try to remain calm until I make it safely to the bedroom. We have a little part of our house that´s outside, just a little cement room with a sink and stuff, no roof. It was walking around in there, probably flew in, and was HUGE! So, Sis. Pozete saw this thing on its back, and supposed it was dead. She said not to worry, It´s dead, but when we looked again, it was gone! Our poor neighbors! We were screaming, and screaming! Ha-ha! She grabbed the bug killer spray and a broom and marched into battle. O my goodness- this thing was HUGE, and they can fly! It took forever to die, and was so nasty. I couldn´t get over how big and ugly that thing was. My goodness people! Keep me in your prayers. If I have to deal with more of those, I don't know what I´ll do!!!


Then- it gets better- We decide to cook the cookie dough we made. Our oven doesn't work very well, so we don't use it very much. But, we decided to try. A few minutes later after turning it on, we looked over and saw a multitude of ants, running for their lives! There were so many! They were running out of our oven and gathering together to save their eggs. It was so gross. Let me just say that I was the mass murderer that night. I sprayed those things to death, and it looked like the plagues themselves had passed by. I want to scare these ants SOOO bad, that rumors will spread among them. Mother ants will say to their children `Don´t go to that house, whatever you do!!`. I want them to think of my house as the place of ant death. The Ant Graveyard. Haha! (We spent time cleaning the bejeezers out of our already clean house, and sprayed the bug killer everywhere, so hopefully they don't return!)


Well- The rest of this week was good. We have a baptism marked for next week! It´s actually a funny story how we met Alice and her family. She is 70 something years old, and really sweet. Last week we were walking home from church with some youth from the ward. We saw this dog walking really weirdly and it looked like it was dying! We wanted to help, but Alice appeared and said it was fine. So after talking about this limping dog, we told her about the gospel and set a time to teach her. When we returned the third time, she had read some of the Book of Mormon and was beaming! She said she felt so good, and she re-read it. She is so sweet, and loves listening to our messages. Her daughter and granddaughter are interested too, so we´ve been teaching them. Alice and Larissa (the granddaughter) came to church yesterday. We have sacrament meeting last, and I was busy playing intro music, while Sis. Pozete sat and talked with them. She told me that Alice leaned over to her, and said `Sister. Thank you for bringing me to the Lord´s House`. She accepted to be baptized next week! It´s so amazing and makes me so happy! Plus, there is a perk. Every night, her son-in-law makes `batatinhas` or little french fries, and sells them out front. I LOVE them, so I buy some every so often. She told us we can stop by anytime and have some for free! YUM!!

We also have many investigators, but most of them are pretty mole. It´s so difficult to get people to read and pray, which is the most important thing! When they do this, they can feel that this gospel is true for themselves, and how can God tell them that when they don´t talk to him? Fortunately, we have some promising people this week. Something funny- we were teaching this husband and wife. After teaching, while we were saying goodbye, the husband (probably 50 yrs. old) he shook Sis. Pozete´s hand and tried to kiss it. She pulled away really hard and said `no! No pode Senhor!` or `No! You can´t Senhor!` Ha-ha! He was so shocked! We explained that we are sister missionaries and can’t, but he went for it again with my hand! Ha-ha! So funny. One thing that I love here is that people are very touchy. We are always giving women hugs and kissing cheeks, and shaking men´s hands. I love it! It´s taken some getting used to, but I think it is nice. The funny thing is that when people talk to you, men or women, they stand really close and constantly touch your arm. I don't mind it, but sometimes when men do this, I kind of back off! They do it with everyone, but its taking some getting used to!

Another funny thing this week. We were eating lunch at a member´s house, and they had this really yummy, fresh juice. I drank two glasses full, then found out it was passion fruit juice! I had heard stories of passion fruit juice in the CTM- it makes you super sleepy! That afternoon I was falling asleep while walking. It´s pretty funny! But so yummy. The typical food here that we eat pretty much every meal is beans (not like refried beans, more soupy and individual) spaghetti, rice and some type of meat. I don’t mind it, but its sometimes funny to copy them and eat macaroni with beans all together. It could be worse though!

So the nickname I have this week is `porcelain doll`. So many different people commented this week that I look like a doll! They are all so sweet. It´s so funny the reception I get here with my blinding whiteness, but I have to say I´m getting a smidge tanner!

Lastly- I have to say that the members and teenagers here are wonderful. They are constantly helping us and trying to bring others to the gospel. They will accompany us all day and bring us to their friend’s houses. They have so many family home evenings and try to invite the neighborhood. They are kind, giving and love the gospel. It´s great! They also really take advantage of the Liahona (Church magazine) like you wouldn´t believe. They use it for everything and try to follow the words of the prophets. It´s really neat. They are great!

To end, I have to be a little churchy. I love being a missionary! It is so inspiring! It´s so wonderful to teach about the truths of this gospel. It´s really sad when people don´t want to listen. I keep thinking, `you are searching for the truth and it is right here in front of you! All you have to do is ask God!` People reject us, preach to us, try to confound us, and so much more. But it doesn’t matter. We have the truth, it´s so clear. I just can´t imagine what Christ felt when people were trying to preach and correct him with his own gospel. So ironic! But it´s okay, we are here to bring the hearts who are ready. And I´m happy! I love this gospel, and everything that makes me happy in my life is because I have this gospel. So follow it. Cling to it. Refresh your testimony. Live a little better and closer to your Heavenly Father. He is just waiting on you, for you to draw closer to him and receive more blessings! Isn’t it beautiful!. And I get to see and experience a piece of this beauty when I help bring people closer to Him.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I can feel them helping! (Pray for no more cockroaches! Ha-ha
Love you all and hope to hear from you!

-Seester Gordon

Preach to all creatures! (ya... I don't know what face I'm making..)


Me with my new mission president and his wife! They are great!

I love purple! :)

(from left) Riane (pronounced hi-on-ee; a young woman here) Me! Lourena (my baptism goin strong!) and Sis. Pozete!
Isn't she sooo cute?! This was at a ward party for some festival of July. I don't really know.. haha

Kissing my invisible Knight in Shining Armor. (Is that breaking mission rules?) :)

Where is my handsome prince??

First baptism!

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