Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 5....

Oi Everyone!!
Well, I had my one month anniversary this past week! What a cool feeling, it went by so fast! Only about 17 more to go! Ha! We had a small ´fiesta´ in our room, (my companions and I) and our Brazilian roommate tried to teach us how to samba, but we were all toooo American to do it!
I have to say that the weeks go by soo fast. I am so happy here! We are always learning, but having a lot of fun as well, sometimes probably too much fun. We have wonderful teachers who know how to teach well, but they also have strong testimonies, and have the funniest stories to tell. It´s awesome! I’m trying to think of something fun that happened this week, but the weeks blur together. Hmm.. Well the name ´Sister Crazy` still lives on. I am just my goofy self when it´s appropriate, and people must think I´m so weird, but I get them laughing pretty hard. You get pretty starved for entertainment here at the CTM, so anything is funny! For example: the other night my companions and I did weird hairstyles after gym and went to our planning time with our Elders. Everyone that saw us was like “what’s wrong with your hair?” and we would act serious like it was normal, and they believed us. It was pretty funny, but now that I write it, it doesn’t sound funny at all! O well. I have also convinced the Elders in my group that I am blind in my right eye, and they totally believe me! They are always trying to disprove it, but I keep a straight face and keep them believing. You can tell they don’t want to be rude and say I’m not, but it gets my companions and I laughing later that night.
My group sang Amazing Grace this week in church. We sang an arrangement that Elder Tilton and I composed. It was really nice! The CTM president came to listen, and they loved it- Sis Clark (the president´s wife) was crying and said it was beautiful. That was pretty fun. OOO- everyone NEEDS to look up the Brazilian national anthem on youtube and listen to it. It is so crazy!! I´ve been learning it on the piano, and it´s pretty difficult. I hope someday I can accompany during the group devotional when we sing it. I look forward to singing every week, because it’s such a tongue twister, speedy mcspeedy song to sing in Portuguese! I laaave it! So, just look it up :)
I´ve been working hard on the language, and using every opportunity to speak it with my Brazilian roommate. She is such a sweetheart and helps me out a lot. She is helping me learn so much! Unfortunately, she leaves next week, but I told her she needed to stay to help me with the language, and because she is a great friend! The Brazilians here are all soo nice, but right now we only have one Brazilian sister. We are losing 5 more sisters this next week, and will only have less than 12 here! Out of 200+ Elders, that is not many sisters. I hope we get more!
I love you all! Keep writing! I miss you and pray for you! Tchau!
Seester Gordon

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lulu_lindinha255 said...

Sister , sou eu lulu , se esse e-mail é proibido desculpa eu pesquisei no google e entrei ;S to com muitas saudades de voc, penso em vocs todos os dias,quero que voc me mande um e-mail qe voc ira usar nos EUA pra a gente se comunicar,tenho muitas novidades,uma delas é que fui a RECIFE-PE e vi o TEMPLO! é muuuuito liiindo , quase que choro porque lembrei de vocs ! manda noticiias , to com muita saudades,ah e desculpa se é proibido ,nao sabia ! essa foi a unica maneira de falar com voc!beeeijos te amo muiiito ! Maria luiza cabral (lulu ) natal/rn