Tuesday, May 4, 2010

News From Brazil

Dear Family and friends-
I have to start out saying thanks for your emails!! I really love hearing from you every week- it definitely is a highlight. I am focused on the work, and am doing great! I seriously don’t have time to write you guys in a half an hour. I’m learning patience here.

So this week has been fun! It´s funny how fast but slow the week goes by. Here in the mission, your concept of `weekend` totally changes. For the first time in your life, Tuesdays are the BEST day of the week, and Saturdays are not anything special. Sundays in the CTM are great because you actually have time to take a nap! Haha But we work hard most of the week, and it’s a good thing- keeps us busy and learning.

Portuguese is coming along pretty well. At a devotional (this is where church leaders in the area come and give about 15 min long speeches) there were a few Portuguese speakers. They translate, but I was able to understand the Portuguese about 75-80% of the time. I would hear the Portuguese, then check how well I did when they translated into English. Its pretty fun, and I am very proud of myself. I am so impatient with learning a language, but I have decided that being impatient is a good thing right now if it makes me work harder, which it does. I really do like this language though- and I already know and understand more Portuguese in these 3 weeks than I ever did after taking 4 years of Spanish (if that makes sense) haha!

So we had a group of Brazilian elders leave today. They were really fun guys, and roomed with the missionaries in my group. We are supposed to sit by them at meals to practice speaking with them, So we see them often and know them as well as we can for not speaking the same language. Over the course of the past 2 weeks, they have nicknamed me “Sister crazy”, ha ha!! I think it´s because we all joke around, and I’m the only sister that will joke with them! They are really funny, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ll have to attach pictures soon, I can’t here on these computers.. :( But I’ve loved being Sister Crazy!!

To answer a few questions- I do laundry here, and they have detergent. I don’t know how many elders are here, but I think close to 200. There are 20 sisters, and a mix of personalities! We´re getting a sister from Africa this week, which is cool! My towel is working out great! And I haven’t seen President and Sister Richardson yet, but I hear he will be visiting this week, so I’ll have to look for him.

Some last minute facts- every morning for breakfast we have rolls with cheese and ham, and maybe some cereal or porridge stuff. No mayo, or only butter, and it gets tiring so fast!! And all of their desserts are so weird. I usually never eat it.

Well I want to end saying that I love being here. I have realized so quickly that this gospel is the most important thing in life. Anything that brings me happiness, such as family, friends, and future, is directly linked to this church. I feel so strongly about sharing its message with everyone. We are constantly hearing talks from recent converts who are church leaders, and how their life is so blessed from this gospel. I love it and am so happy! This is difficult, but worth every minute.
So please write! I love you all and hope you are doing well!!

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