Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flying to my mission, Joao Pessoa

Oi Family and Friends!

This week I am actually using a computer that has a shift key- wonderful! Right now I am at my mission president’s home, getting the run down before I go out on the field tomorrow. Last night I was told about my area, my zone and companion, and saw pictures of my future life for the next 6 weeks or more. It looks cool! I will be serving in the area of Natal.

Of course I don’t remember much, everything was a blur yesterday! Let me tell you a little story-

We woke up at 5am and had to be downstairs at 530 am, and when we finally arrived at the airport, we waited in a long line to check in. We finally got to the flight, and then it was delayed for 3 hours, which was fun! Actually, it wasn’t that bad because I just practiced speaking Portuguese with all of the Brazilian elders and sisters. We finally took the 3 hour flight, we arrived in Recife to find out that we, missed the one flight to Joao Pessoa that day, and would be driving there. Sooo, we did. It was a beautiful opportunity to see the green countryside, kind of jungle like and very scenic. About 40 min in, the other car called and needed help with some mechanical problems... so we back tracked for 20 min, helped forever, then finally set on our way again!

Then we arrived at the airport, contacting our mission president, and finally arriving at their house at 8pm, when our scheduled arrival time was 2pm in the afternoon. Haha! It wasn’t that bad, I think it’s just my luck with traveling. But I’m so sorry family, I was looking forward to calling you but it just didn’t work out with the crazy travel timing!

So many things have happened, and so many stories to tell, but never enough time! I received my first proposal this week, through a postcard from a Brazilian elder I had never talked to! Crazy huh? Ha-ha I think it’s funny. I just ignored it and continued with my life in the CTM, but the story is pretty funny!

Everyone here says that everyone will think I’m Brazilian because of my dark hair and I’m very sure I don’t believe them till I see it. I feel like the whitest person in Brazil! This week will be so full of confusion, deer in headlights looks, learning, trial and error, and fun. I am trying so hard to learn this language, and cannot wait to understand everything and everyone! It will just take time and lots of practice and help from on high.

Thank you to all the friends who wrote me! I REALLY appreciate your letters! I want to personally respond to each of you, and thank you for your support and advice, it means so much, so I will see if I can find time to. Thank you for reading my updates and praying for me. I have to say that I feel so spazzy when I write, just attribute that to the time limit we receive when we email. I don’t mean to sound so scatter brained!

Well, the time has come to say goodbye till next week. I am really excited to be here, and to do the Lords work. They say that people here are so accepting of Christ and this gospel; I think the statistic is that Joao Pessoa is the second highest baptizing mission in the world, which is so wonderful. I truly know this gospel is true with all my heart. The Book of Mormon is the greatest part. I tell people “Do you believe in Christ?” and they say, “Of course!” I then ask- If you were to have more scripture from Christ right now, would you want it, and they say Of Course! I then give them a Book of Mormon and explain it all. It truly compliments the bible in EVERY aspect, and teaches all of the beautiful principles of Christ. If you haven’t read it, Read it! It is a marvelous book and will change your life, I PROMISE. So give it a try!
I miss you all and thank you for your prayers. I am excited to love the people of Joao Pessoa, and bring the light of truth and happiness to their lives! Tchau family!
Love, Seester Gordon

Photos: My CTM president, his wife and me

My District in the CTM

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