Monday, April 19, 2010

Stephanie is off to Brazil.....

Officially Sister Gordon....she was set apart as a missionary Sunday evening by our Stake President, Gordon Tanner. Who happens to be a distant cousin on both sides of the family.
He asked each family member to tell Stephanie which of her good traits will help her to be a great missionary and also to give her advice. It was a BIG bawl fest! Rylan made all of us "composed" family members cry like babies.

We said our good byes at the airport and waited with her for a little while and then we decided she just needed to get to the gate and tear that bandage off! She was anxious to get on the flight and head out on her new life changing adventure. Stephanie's flight arrived late, hence missing her flight to Brazil. She stayed in a hotel, by the airport, over night and a friend, in Atlanta, let her hang at her home until the next night. We haven't heard a word from Stephanie yet, we're hoping on her "P" day (P is for Preparation day, day to do laundry, write letters (snail mail) and emails to her immediate family, other things that need to be done) will be on Tuesday or Wednesday so we should hear from her then. (Fingers crossed!)

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